Organize your life!

An easy to use and highly customizable online database, spreadsheet app. Keep track of anything and everything!

  • Cloud based - no DropBox or other ad-hoc sync method required.
  • Access your databases from all your devices, or your browser at https://www.logmedo.com.
  • Multiple tables and relationships;
  • Choose different color theme for each database;
  • Choose custom icon for each of your databases.
  • Import from CSV.
  • Download as PDF - all tables included;
  • Download as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) - all tables included, each table becomes a separate worksheet. True XLSX format, not CSV!
  • Simple and intuitive wizard to create charts of your data;
  • Summarize your data with pivot tables using an intuitive wizard;
  • Format rows/columns with color
  • Share your database design templates for others to import and use (your data is not shared)
  • Share database data with other users. They van view but not modify your data.
  • Share a read-only link to your database to any one, or embed your database in web-sites or blogs. Click to see an example.
  • Browse and import database design templates that others have shared.
  • Many different types of custom fields to choose from (more than 23).
  • Formula field - you have the full power of JavaScript! Use it to compute values, from a simple computation, to complex code that cross-references other tables in the database.
  • Attach files from cloud providers.